Deck Around (Indie GoGo Spotlight)

Hey Gang,

Wanted to showcase a future channel review that we having coming up.  This game is Deck Around and it is developed by Chris Lesinski.  I have had the chance to talk to Chris about this game while getting things ready for our official review and I have to say that I really like the concept.  Essentially Deck Around is a party game where you mash up Balderdash with Urban Dictionary.


My worry with this game and more about this in our official review is that there is always a shelf life with these kind of party games, where you just know the content to well for it to be a challenge anymore.  At the same time I don’t ever think party games are about winning or losing, it is about cutting back with friends and family and having a great time.  Deck Around seems like a great way to kick back and have a blast.

From the campaign:

How to Play

Watch the video above to find out how to play. Here’s a quick description for if you can’t hear or something:


  1. You’ll get a deck full of slang terms — words like twerking or Dutch oven — but more obscure. You pick a random one and everyone writes a made up but convincing definition for the word and anonymously hands it in.

  2. One person reads all the definitions aloud, including the actual definition of the word, which is randomly mixed in.

  3. Everyone guesses which definition is the real one. They usually fall for someone else’s bullshit definition.


Want more information – Check out the campaign!

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