Camel Up (Written Review)

What is cuter than stackable wooden camel pieces? Not much! Camel Cup, or Camel Up, depending who you ask, is a family game designed by Steffen Bogen for up to 8 players with a recommended age of 8 years old or up in which players bet on the winning—or losing—camel.  The one who places the most successful bets and makes the most money wins the game.
A player may take one of four actions on her turn—get a colored dice from the pyramid dice shaker that matches the color of a particular camel and makes that camel—and all the camels on top of it—run, place an oasis/mirage tile on the track, which impacts camel stack movement, place a leg bet, or place an end of game winner/loser bet.
After all five camels have, “run,” a leg is over and a scoring round ensues, in which players receive coins—or pay coins—based on their bets and other actions.   When a camel stack crosses the finish line, the game ends and the final scores are tallied—the one with the most money wins!
Camel Cup won the 2014 Spiel des Jahres and I can definitely see why.  The movement of the camel pieces around the track is unique—it is a bit of a roll-and-move game, but doesn’t feel that way.  Camels can be boosted or held back through cleverly placed mirage or oasis tiles. A roll that results in the move of a camel stack, rather than a single camel, can have interesting consequences.
The components are amazing—the wooden camel pieces are thick and stack nicely. And the pyramid dice shaker is a nice novelty and did come with additional rubber bands. The game could have come with a simple cloth pouch for the blind draw of the dice, but the pyramid adds flavor.

The family opinion on this one was split.  Everyone liked the game; however, Carson and I loved it, and Aaron and Randall thought it was okay, but not quite exciting enough. Want to guess who won and who lost?

By Wanda James Green

The Verdict



  1. JohnWrot! June 19, 2015 6:50 am  Reply

    Hey guys, I think you may have a typo floating around here. Your main review page list has this one listed as “Abysmal” but you seem to have liked it well enough for a 7.5 or more.

    Hoping to help.

    John Wrot!

    • Ricky June 19, 2015 12:56 pm  Reply

      Thank you John! Fixed now. Appreciate you letting us know -Rick.

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