Catan: Explorers and Pirates Review

Catan: Explorers and Pirates Review

This Catan expansion adds a nice theme, but it feels a bit unnecessary.

I was thrilled to get this game out of the box, but almost immediately felt a bit overwhelmed with the game.  The rules themselves are explained brilliantly, offering the player the ability to play through a series of scenarios that teach each new mechanic one at a time.

The thing that really had me questioning the fun level of this game is simply the time it takes to set it up and take it down.  It can be pretty frustrating assembling the sea itself and the fact that it doesn’t fit together perfectly (pieces tend to fold up or disconnect during play) adds to the complexity.

All in all the game does provide a fresh look at Catan, but while playing I often was thinking that it was all just a bit unnecessary.

The Verdict


The Good: Exploring the Seas | Ship mechanics | Fishing | Spices

The Bad: Set up time | Clean up time | Feels cumbersome | Not all pieces fit with the theme

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