Choose One! by Looney Labs

Choose One! is a party game where players take turns picking their favorite out of two similar things. Cats or Dogs the Ability to Fly or Turn Invisible - Choose One! in this video review.

ChooseOne-FrontQuick Facts

Designer: Andrew Looney

Publisher: Looney Labs

Players: 3-10

Genre: Party/Card

Play Time: 30 mins

Looney Labs brings another interesting game to us in the form of Choose One!  A party game that has players picking their favorite between two things.  There is only one condition, it makes sense and kind of sad it had to be written, but no lying if you are the chooser.  The chooser will secretly pick his/her favorite between two things on a card.  Example: Dogs or Cats – each is represented with a color of either Purple or White.  Secretly the ballot is laid down and the rest of the table does the same trying to guess what the chooser prefers.

Points are scored at the end of each round and you keep playing til one player has 11.  Overall I believe Choose One! is a great every now and then party game but one I think that may get a little stale after multiple plays.

The Verdict


The Good: Lots of Cards, Fun Tokens, Nice Theme

The Bad: Could potentially see repeat questions

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