Dead Panic – Review

Dead Panic – Review


Dead Panic is a cooperative board game where players must survive never ending waves of zombies in a remote cabin in the woods. At first glance you may be thinking that this is just Castle Panic with zombies and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

That being said if you are familiar with Castle Panic – Dead Panic won’t be hard to step into at all but there are key mechanic changes which completely change the player experience drastically from its spiritual predecessor.

You are a player piece on the board, not just the forces of the kingdom. This means you can use some of your actions to move around the board and can only directly attack / interact with zombies and players you have in sight. Your character card also grants you a special ability, for instance Al – the construction worker – can use a free action and repair a crack in the cabin wall without using one of his two actions to do so.

The monsters never end. When all of the tokens have been pulled from the bag, take the discarded tokens and put them back into the bag. The undead are swarming and there is no end!


If a player falls to the horde of zombies (s)he becomes a special zombie hero with their own set of abilities.

Victory is obtained by helping Survivors (neutral tokens pulled from the bag) get to the cabin. If they make it to the cabin they will give you one of three pieces of a radio – which you use to call for help. Once the radio is assembles you may use it to call for help. After a few turns your ride comes and waits for you in the woods. At that point the party will leave the cabin and attempt to make it to the ride.

Dead Panic is a bit more difficult than the base set of Castle Panic, especially with two players. You still only have two actions to do on your turn; however since you are a physical being on the board some of your actions will be spent moving from room to room within the cabin to attack zombies in a different arc or even trade items with another player.


Dead Panic plays 2-6 players and is an excellent game to get on the table anytime you want to pal around with some friends and slay the undead. The rules are simple enough for everyone to get into, yet the game is challenging enough to keep it coming back to the table.

Overall Opinion: 9/10

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