Deniable by StoryWeaver Games

Spies behaving very badly, but for them it is a step up.

Developed by Storyweaver Games Deniable is a great RPG setting.  It takes place in England and the player characters are all ordinary people a school teacher, a bar tender, a bus driver.  Normal, average, and completely flawed with vices and hobbies you will have a great time bringing this person to life.  Each player character is approached by a member of a spy organization that has them do something that brings you out of your comfort zone and will more than likely be completely hilarious.

Deniable is available for beta now, so grab this free rule book while you can!


The Verdict


The Good: Quick setup time, Focus on Role playing, Lot’s of Laughs

The Bad: People may find the accents a bit too much.

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