Night Eternal by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Night Eternal is a game set within the True Blood universe that plays very similar to Three Dragon Ante.

Big thanks to San Angelo’s War Dogs Gaming for allowing us to take a look at Night Eternal by Cryptozoic Entertainment.  Night Eternal is an high stakes blood bath set in the True Blood universe.  In it we play as immortal vampires who play a game very similar to Three Dragon Ante.  This is a game within the universe and as such, don’t be expected to have any Bill or Eric cards.

You play very generic creatures throughout the game in order to build an alliance to either the Authority or the Monarchy.  The players with the highest alliance strength for each take the appropriate blood stakes.  When a player runs out of blood completely, at the end of the round, we find a winner – the vampire with the highest blood count.

Quick Facts

Year Published
# of Players
3 − 5
Playing Time

30 minutes

The Verdict


The Good: Very Quick, Easy to Learn, Great Components

The Bad: Not Sure If It’s For Everyone

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  1. Ray Smith March 14, 2014 3:42 pm  Reply

    Thanks for the great overview. Well done, as usual.

    I hadn’t seen this before, or I wrote it off because of the True Blood tie in. Glad to see it isn’t really relevant. As a fan of Cryptozoic’s stuff, this one also looks like a winner in the filler category.


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