Rapture: The End of Days Review

Rapture: The End of Days Review

Rapture is a rules light RPG where each player will narrate the events of a challenge depending on dice rolled to determine success vs failure.

Rapture: The End of Days is a SciFi horror RPG from Storyweaver Games. It takes place after the Earth is consumed by the forces of Hell, leaving the only human beings alive explorers who have traveled into space. There are many factions of our kind left, and infighting is a constant trouble – but something far more devastatingly evil lurks around every corner.

Rapture is a rules light RPG where each player will narrate the events of a challenge depending on dice rolled to determine success vs failure. What truly makes Rapture unique is that it rewards player death. If your PC dies in a memorable/horrific/heroic way, your next character will have one additional attribute point.



All in all Rapture is a great table top horror experience for role players who are fans of SciFi horror.

The Verdict


The Good: Rules Light, Theme, Promotes Role Playing, Rewards Death

The Bad: No Physical Books


  1. Joe Sweeney October 16, 2013 7:12 am  Reply

    Thank you so much for this wonderfully detailed and amazingly well-produced review. The use of the background music from the adventures added an element of creepiness.
    When I created Rapture, I was looking to keep the science ‘hard’ – no magical lasers blasters or force-fields or teleporters. All the science (with the exception of the gravity manipulation) are based on physics that are theoretically feasible. So the game is more “Greg Egan” than “Dan Abnett.” (I love both of those writers, BTW).
    To that hard science, I wanted to add horror that was just within our reach and comprehension: which is why I chose the Judea-Christian base theology (for a while there I was toying with Hinduism!) However, like the science, I wanted to keep it authentic. In part to be respectful to those of faith, but mostly because I’ve seen too many RPGs where the daemons are just “magic” and sometimes somewhat offensive. So I went through my biblical studies texts to come up with a Rapture that was closer to how the religion is actually written. So less daemons and more unclean spirits and temptation and damnation.
    This way, there are lots of opportunities for the main characters to turn on each other, or freak out and causing their own horror. Oh yes. The best monsters are when the player characters get possessed and start being bad guys!!! Think of Sam Neil’s character in Event Horizon or Jack Nicolas in The Shining. All Satan has to do is give us a few nudges and off we go to creating our own Hell. Of course, there ARE very real monsters coming for us as well.
    PS: a secret to just the readers of this blog. The Earth may be ‘dark’ but it’s not physically gone. What’s going on there? Are the gates of hell still open? What happens to creation when they close? What’s God’s plan? Oh yes, all will be revealed in time. Get yourself some ships and find out… if you dare!
    PPS: Watch out for the Nippon Empire!
    PPPS: And the British!

    • Ricky October 16, 2013 1:33 pm  Reply

      Thanks for the comment Joe! I think the readers of this blog will definitely appreciate the insight – I know I certainly did!

      I’ve got a group forming for some Rapture in the next couple weekends. Very excited to cause some madness.

  2. Zach Orzech October 16, 2013 2:11 pm  Reply

    After watching this review I REALLY want to play this game. The example story adventure and the subtle music change at 5:25 is amazing.

    • Ricky October 17, 2013 1:37 am  Reply

      Thanks man!

  3. Joe Sweeney October 22, 2013 8:08 am  Reply

    Hello peoples. Just to let everyone know, I’ve just created the “Gamers vs Hellfire” pack to raise funds for the Australian bush fire relief efforts.
    It contains 9 Rapture products – that’s over 250MB of horror gaming goodness just in time for Halloween. The pack, which is over $52 in value, can be yours for just $10, and 100% of that will go to bush fire relief funds. Here is the link http://www.rpgnow.com/index.php?discount=10783
    Please spread the word too!

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