Smash Up: Science Fiction Double Feature by AEG

This expansion of Smash Up brings four new factions to the game Spies, Time Travelers, Shapeshifters, and Cyborg Apes.

The new expansion to Smash Up brings us a lot to enjoy, including four new factions Spies, Time Travelers, Cyborg Apes, and Shapeshifters.  Each faction is wonderfully crafted to bring their unique qualities to the game.

Which decks are you looking to make with these new factions?

The Verdict


The Good: Concept | Artwork | Mechanics

The Bad: Niche Factions


  1. Daniel April 3, 2014 6:07 pm  Reply

    Great review, Rick! I didn’t know that each deck in Smash Up had 2 base cards unique to them. That’s good to know. I really like the Secret Agent among others. I can’t wait for my copy.

    • Ricky April 3, 2014 6:10 pm  Reply

      Thank you for that very nice comment! Glad I could be of some help. Enjoy the game mate.

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