Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take a quick moment and thank everyone who watched the channel or listened to the podcasts in 2015!  What an incredible year.  My beautiful wife gave me the greatest gift in our third child Brea Quinn.  She has been quite the handful but neither of us would have it any other way.  She is awfully tenacious and will be moving meeples and rolling dice in time.


On top of our personal growths I have spent the majority of the year working on Whelps to Wyrms my first published game with Lamp Light Games.  It has been quite the learning experience and one these lessons are those that I will take with me into 2016 with a venture in self publishing.  I have a few ideas floating around just need to find the one that is right to kick start things.

Whelps is set to launch on kickstarter q2 of this year and we are all very excited about its launch.

I have already started filming and editing for our first videos of the year and am looking forward to many awesome reviews, tutorials, and play sessions.  Hope you enjoy and have an excellent new year!


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