Kickstarter Spotlight: Boss Fight


Outwit your friends. Kill the hero. Become the Final Boss. A fast-paced, strategic card game.

This weeks Kickstarter Spotlight goes to Boss Fight, a fast paced card game that has players take the role of a boss in a dungeon.  Each player is competing to be the one who kills the would be hero who happened to enter your dungeon and in turn taking the mantle of the Final Boss of the dungeon.  The game developer, James Johnson, describes the game as a hybrid of Magic the Gathering and Uno.  In short Boss Fight seems to be a great game to bring to the table any time you want a fast, yet competitive gaming experience between your friends.

It also is a game that is primarily finished.  While the funds from Kickstarter can be used to polish the game a bit more James and the rest of New Game+ Studios are using the Kickstarter platform to provide a bit of press on their product.  With an extremely low $2,000 goal in mind.  This project is also a member of the Kicking it Forward initiative, which means that James has promised to donate 5% of profits earned by this project back to other Kickstarter projects.


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Game Mechanics

At the beginning of the game, a dealer shuffles and deals five cards to each player.  All players share the same single deck.

In Boss Fight, players only draw cards when they deal damage to the hero.  The amount of damage a card deals is circled in the upper right corner.  Do 1 damage, draw one card.  Do 3, draw three.  Do zero, and you don’t get to draw that turn!

It’s not just death and destruction, though.  Accidents happen.  Sometimes a healing spell backfires and manages to hit the hero, or incoming damage mysteriously turns into healing instead.  Potentially lethal Spells fizzle out.  Mighty, dangerous Minions fall into friendly Spike Pits.  The dungeon isn’t well-lit.

There are three basic types of cards:  Minions, Spells, and Traps.  Thoughtful use of all three types is critical for any prospective Final Boss.

BossFight_Minion BossFight_Trap BossFight_Spells

Expansion Ready!

The first expansion is tentatively titled Rooms, and introduces the titular Room card, which is permanent on the board until another Room replaces it or it is otherwise removed.  The premise is that these are special areas of the dungeon set up by the Bosses to hinder or help the Hero as he explores — think a convenient healing spring, or a room that suddenly fills with choking poison gas.

Want More Info Check Out The Kickstarter!

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  1. James Johnson June 24, 2013 1:37 am  Reply

    Thanks for the article! I’m happy to answer any questions your readers might have about Boss Fight either here or on Kickstarter. Just ask!

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