Kickstarter Spotlight: Shuriken Board Game


This weeks Kickstarter spotlight is a fast paced miniatures combat game called Shuriken.  It pits players against one another allowing them to wield an army of ninjas.  Throughout the game you will go head to head to see who can skillfully master the arts of ninjitsu.

This project looks like it could be a lot of fun, and is very early in it’s Kickstarter life cycle, I recommend you back it so that you can propel your clan to the heights of power and drive your enemies away from your game table. Or at least take a moment to toss a few shurikens into an empty pizza box.

From Kickstarter

“In Shuriken, players take control of 250 plastic ninja including unarmed, sword, shuriken, and master ninja. During the game the players place, move, and upgrade their ninja forces on the modular board as they attempt to learn new techniques and battle enemy ninja — often destroying the board in the process.

The winner is the player with the most victory points when the sun rises at the end of the night.”


Here what you will find inside the Shuriken board game:

  • 250 plastic ninja miniatures (28mm): 50 each of 5 colors. Each color (one for each player) has 24 Unarmed Ninja, 12 Sword Ninja, 12 Shuriken Ninja, and 2 Master Ninja
  • 12 double-sided modular gameboard tiles
  • 20 Hour of Night cards
  • 80 Mission Cards
  • 5 Clan Cards
  • 10 custom 6-sided dice, black plastic with white icons
  • 42 tracking tokens (for tracking upgrades and noting damage to board tiles

shurikenninja swordninja


Check the Kickstarter

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