Lack of Kickstarter Spotlights

You may have noticed the lack of Kickstarter spotlights in the past couple weeks, the reason for that is a bit complicated but it comes down to a few factors.


I have looked for a few hours here or there but haven’t found any KS campaigns that have really ‘WOWED’ me.  I am not saying they aren’t out there and I would be more than happy to get recommendations as to which ones to look at.  I don’t want to have a weekly piece on the site when I would, potentially, forced to pick the best worst game that is out there currently.  That is not something I want to do, and not something I will ever subject you to reading.


I have had an insanely busy work load the past few weeks that has distracted me a bit from this page, sorry, I will definitely try to keep things updated better.  Our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages are getting content every few days – sometimes I forget – sorry.  I want to be able to provide a seamless experience between all of the social platforms while still being able to create meaningful content.


In recent weeks you may have felt a great disturbance in the force, like the sound of $122,874 being raised at the promise of a neat game where Cthulhu meets Monopoly only to have the publisher mismanage the funds to the point where the project has been scrapped.  Yes that’s right, The Doom That Came to Atlantic City’s kickstarter campaign has been abruptly cancelled after the publishing company The Forking Path essentially blew all of the money.

It is important to note that the actual game designers Keith Baker and Lee Moyer are not at fault, they simply created the game and do not have the resources to publish the game – essentially print the game, create the figures, and package everything for the shelf.  This was actually the pair’s second at bat with this game, it was first to be published by Z-Man Games, although it was cancelled due to some internal reorganization at Z-Man.  It is my opinion that Erik Chevalier the man running things at The Forking Path is directly responsible for the funds and the eventual cancellation of the project, only after the designers pursued legal council and forced TFP to come clean on the state of the project.  The game has also had its share of legal problems for looking and playing a little too much like Monopoly.  There is actually a really long thread about the entire history of this project that tends to paint Erik in a very negative light, probably rightfully so.  Check it out here.

That being said, I am a little leery to recommend games that are not a sure thing.  I will say that there will be more spotlights because I am passionate enough about gaming to not let this one Jaws moment scare me out of the water completely.  I only want to do my homework on the designer / publisher of a project before I jump into bed – or worse get someone else to – on a project because it has shiny minis.

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