Mage Wars Companion App Out Now

Arcane Wonders has realeased their official Mage Wars companion app available now on iTunes and Google Play.

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The Mage Wars® Companion App is the perfect addition to the critically acclaimed award winning board game, Mage Wars® from Arcane Wonders®!

Whether you are looking to keep track of your Mage’s statistics during battle or you are looking to build your custom Spellbooks quickly and on the go, this app has it all for you!

Included is a fully interactive Status Tracker that will keep track of your, and your opponent’s, statistics during game play. Track your Mana, Channeling, Life, Damage, and Initiative all with simple taps! No more “shifting cubes” or game states to reset – this app will keep everyone’s statistics in order.

Also included is a full Spellbook builder that will calculate your spell points as you build! Dynamically search the Mage Wars card database by keywords and schools of magic, containing cards up to and including Forged in Fire!

App includes:
– Status Tracker
– Spellbook Builder
– Card Database up to and including Forged in Fire
– Ability to select any of 12 Mages for Status Tracking or Spellbook building

See more about Mage Wars® at today!



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