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We got the chance to take a look at Battle Con: War of Indines recently.  Battle Con is a 2 player fighting game with visceral turn based combat.  Outwit and out maneuver your opponent to crush them in combat.  

You play very generic creatures throughout the game in order to build an alliance to either the Authority or the Monarchy. The players with the highest alliance strength for each take the appropriate blood stakes. When a player runs out of blood completely, at the end of the round, we find a winner - the vampire with the highest blood count.

I frankly get a little tired over the apples to oranges comparison of 'next' gen gaming consoles. If you are reading this blog chances are, you have poured tirelessly through endless amounts of comments, blogs, and videos comparing and or bashing one system or the other for what a console does on paper. Having purchased the Xbox One, I will keep my comments directly to that system and what I have experienced first hand.

Smash Up is a faction based deck construction game where 2-4 players battle over key bases in an effort to be the first to score 15 victory points.