Warring Kingdom by Harry Gao (Kickstarter Preview)

Our Thoughts

Warring Kingdom is a deck builder that brings something fresh to the genre – player interaction.  Now it is my opinion that deck building games can, not always but certainly can, just seem to be a multiplayer game of solitaire.  What I mean by that is I am playing a game with other people but only interacting with myself and a central supply.  Warring Kingdom turns that very notion on it’s head making the win condition not deal in victory points but in that fact you win if you can destroy another players Castle – the very heart of their kingdom.


Warring Kingdom skillfully balances kingdom management using the cards.  Higher more advanced cards require an upkeep cost to maintain, if you do not have the economy (coin bought from the supply combined with advanced civilians like Farmers and Money Lenders), you will not be able to maintain your armies for very long.  Combat is handled very interestingly.   A player can only have deployed two rows of five units – potentially.  Once you have at least one solider you can declare to attack on your attack phase – you roll six d6 and depending on on the results that is who attacks.  For example if I roll 1,1,1,2,5,5 the unit I had in position 1 would attack three times (if present), the unit I had in position 2 would attack once, and finally the unit I had in position 5 would attack twice.  The defender will also roll 6 dice to determine which of his defenders will deal damage in the defense.

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Quick Facts

Year Published
# of Players
2 − 4
Playing Time
45 minutes

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