Xbox One vs PS4 – Here’s What I Am Getting


The console wars have been quiet for the most part of this year, but since the unveiling of Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One, things have heated up quite a bit.  There were many questions lingering around the web and a ton of rumors regarding the console.  At E3 2013 Gamers expected Microsoft to deliver answers and ease some of their troubles, they answered most of the questions but according to feedback on twitter it didn’t help Microsoft’s cause.

So let me stop with the history lesson and tell you a bit why I decided to pick up the Xbox One at release vs the Play Station 4.


Actually before we begin you should know a few things about me.

  1. I am a big fan of the Xbox 360, and Play Station 2 consoles.
  2. I am the primary income provider for a family of 4.
  3. I am a gamer, and will hopefully be purchasing the PS 4 in 2014 *crosses fingers*.

Clearing the Air


Let’s address the two primary concerns that most people tend to have with the Xbox One.  (Note I am leaving out the required Kinect complaint because MS said that it can be turned off/paused and the system still run.)

  1. Will not function if left without internet for more than 24 hours.  This is a bit of a disappointment because I used to travel for work quite a bit, and was fond of bringing my 360 with me and playing in hotel rooms.  Since I travel on the cheap I do not always have internet access.  However my internet at home fairly powerful and my ISP offers relatively great up times.  So while I am not thrilled at this, I am okay.
  2. Xbox One offers game companies the option to deny resale of games.  Here is another area where I am okay with.  I tend to buy games new and haven’t rented for awhile so I am not really out a whole lot.  I do however borrow games with friends.  Since the Xbox allows a limited one time loan of a game it makes things more difficult in this arena.  I am not happy about it, and hopefully Microsoft will hear our complaints and adjust this policy.

So… Why are you spending more money again?

It may be a crazy notion but I am going with the company who is doing more to expand the industry, in a word the XBox One is innovative.  The Play Station 4 seems like a great console, excellent hardware, finally a redesigned controller – but as someone who creates things I have hard time thinking that developers are going to be able to break the mold with the PS4.  I feel that the biggest innovations and the most mind blowing projects are still to come, and the XBox One is going to get us one step closer to that mind blowing gaming experience I am addicted to.


There are other reasons as well, I am dying for a new home theater setup.  The Xbox One has all the features I could want with built in DVR, the HDMI input port to avoid input switching, integrated Skype and Twitch TV, multi tasking, etc… etc…

It simply does more, with the added benefit that the Kinect has been overhauled completely to remove most of my complaints and expand on its ability to operate in poor lighting conditions and read things like heart rate and facial features it seems again like developers are going to be able to do more.

The Play Station 4 doesn’t provide the same WOW factor that the XBox One does, again I hope to get one sooner than later I am fine with waiting until the first price drop and pick one up cheaper than the $399 price tag it currently sits at.  My PC will do everything it, the PS4, will for the time being and still process faster graphically and other wise.

How Soon We Forget

As far as reliable online service goes Xbox Live is light years beyond the play station network.  It wasn’t long ago that my PS 3 was in an off state for months for fear that hackers would steal everything I owned (slight dramatization).  Seriously though, the entire PSN service was down for months, and while Sony made good by offering a few free games Xbox Live is giving games away on XBLA for subscribers and promises to continue the trend.  Also as of late XBLA has been price matching the crazy sales that Steam has been using to boost it’s player space.

Hardware Breakdown


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