LLU Preview – Larceny by Waning Gibbous Games

Larceny Box Art Cropped


Quick Notes:

Designer: William Smith
Publisher: Waning Gibbous Games

Year: 2013

Players: 3+
Play Time: 20-40 min

Ages: 8+

What makes this game fun is not the components or even the great wit William Smith, the games lead designer, provides as flavor text on the cards – it’s the fact that it promotes creative thinking in a fun way.  When we played Larceny we did it for several hours continuing to laugh about situations that occurred in previous rounds.  It is a game that will be extremely accessible to many types of gamers.  Take a look at our preview and let us know what you think!Larceny is a party game featured around creative story telling.

It plays 3 or more players and plays a lot like similar games in the genre such as Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity.  Larceny provides a more creative and engaging player experience than most other games in it’s genre. The variant game play modes are a lot of fun, although players should be warned that prolonged exposure to Larceny could lead you to talking like a 20’s mobster for the foreseeable future.

Larceny’s kickstarter starts today, (August 28th, 2013), and has a pretty modest goal of $15,000.  This will cover all production costs, printing, final art design, etc…

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